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Percussive Arts Society
International Drum Rudiments

(imperative for all drummers; building blocks for every style. play double bass? increse your foot control!)

The 30-minute Workout!

Great for warmup, or as part of
your daily regimen

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Weak Hand Exercises

Strengthen that
weak hand ... or foot!

8th note study (.gif)
16th note study (.gif)
triplet study (.gif)

The "Third Hand" Concept

Using your bass drum to spice up fills
(Modern Drummer magazine)

part 1 (.pdf)
part 2 (.pdf)
part 3 (.pdf)

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Animated Marching Snare


Smile (.mp3) || (Good Friend)
Do You See (.mp3) || (Good Friend)
Night in Tunisia (.mp3) || (The DeRienzo Bros. v.2.0)
more to come ...

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